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November 21, 2020
Landr Music Platform

Landr music platform just starts with landr. Afterward, they will do the rest for you. It’s the most amazing place for your music to create and master.

Additionally, landr will sells your music for your best sourcing. Similarly, all the music makers will get the liberty to create and perceived. Finally, master and announce your music in a relaxed way with LANDR.


Their rising team is made up of left-brained imaginative technologists. Consequently the right-brained music professionals. Landr has a creative way like:

  • AI-powered music mastering
  • Distribution
  • Plugins
  • Collaboration
  • Promotion
  • Sample Packs

Landr loves music and specifically musicians. Most of them are mastering engineers, music producers, and music creatives. To illustrate your music try landr now.

Landr Music Platform by Revolutionary AI mastering

AI audio mastering from LANDR gives you the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Also, give data from over ten million mastered tracks expert sound. Before going to any music platform, Learn more about LANDR mastering.

“For every musician who’s ever wanted their SOUNDCLOUD track to sound like it was produced by Timbaland”


Easy, artist-friendly distribution

Partner with LANDR immediately for better distribution. In addition, get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and every major streaming service. Monetize your music through landr and keep 100% of your rights.

“The music industry’s next big disruption is in the recording studio”

Fast Company

Landr Music Platform Plugins

Landr has pro plugins with reasonable price plans. Try landr best production tools free for only three days. Later, You can Stop or resume your platform plan anytime. Get your plugin today there-


“LANDR is the future, You might as well get used to it now because it’s a tool that’s very very valuable”

Dave Pensado

Inspired royalty-free sample packs

Organized sample packs from the top artists. Landr sample packs will inspire your next productions. Always get the right sounds at the right time by using packs. Find out your sample packs from the list.

Feedback from your peers

In your network share tracks, leave comments, and make better music. Simultaneously, Access music and feedback from any time and anywhere. Use only one simple link for every major streaming platform.


Specifically, landr have over three million people. It is a creative platform for musicians. Since launching in 2014 we’ve helped millions of musicians all around the world.

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